City Of Contrasts

Nicknamed ‘the wonderful city’ Rio de Janeiro is a perfect exotic getaway filled with different activities, and sites. This southeastern Brazilian city consists of a complicated urban life dedicated to celebration and happiness. To the new traveler, it offers a bounty of experiences linked to breathtaking sights and thrilling activities. The lush beaches and quiet countryside of this city have never looked better. There is something for everyone in this city of contrasts.

Authentic Samba

Rio culture and festivals feature Samba, the theme song of this vibrant city. The beats of samba course through the street as far as the ear can hear. This rhythm seems to give everyone (including you) a bounce in their step. You can pop by one of the many samba schools to watch enchanting dancers make samba footwork look effortless. For a real indulgence in this music, head over to Pedra does Sal on a Monday evening. You will find a gathering of live samba bands for Roda de samba (an impromptu samba jamming session). Enjoy the authentic music while you sip a cold beer.

Christ The Redeemer

You know it is a great travel spot if you have the opportunity to see at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cristo Redentor or Christ The Redeemer is an iconic statue situated atop the 2,316-ft. High Corcovado. Its position makes it look as if it is watching over the glorious city. This grand monument is the symbol of Brazil and a must-see for anyone visiting the city. The journey to Christ’s feet is a thrilling one by itself. You will go through the charming streets of Cosme Velho neighbourhood before passing the beautiful tropical Parque National da Tijuca. At the top, you will find a rewarding panorama view of the city.


Rio proudly holds the title as the largest carnival celebration in Brazil. Between February and March, party fever is high in the streets of Rio as the largest street party comes to life. Carnival is the biggest festival in the world painted with colorful costumes, catchy music, and dancing. The unifying beat of steels drums spreads everywhere as locals come forward to celebrate, eat, drink, and dance.

Experience a parade, unlike any other at The Sambódromo where spectacular floats take the stage. Rio stops during this week to host daily street parties. Each day presents more drinking, more dancing and more fun than the last. Bright costumes in different themes is a fun way to get a real indulgence of the festival. Vendors are in plenty, so you are never without a drink.

Finally, in the true spirit of Carnival, experience a glittery and outrageous Carnival Ball. Carnival Balls are held in different locations throughout the city so you can hit more than one if you want to. This is the epitome of carnival nightlife; the music is never-ending, and the drinks are in plenty. Entertainment leans into international genres giving Carnival a refreshing layer. Dress up in masks, glitzy, and outrageous outfits to experience this festival authentically.