Visiting Tehran – A Food Lover’s Paradise

Visiting Tehran – A Food Lover’s Paradise

Tehran is a warm and welcoming country to visit. It is the country full of glory and colors that invite one and all. However, apart from knowing the best hotels to stay in, you also need to find the best restaurants to satiate your hunger at the most affordable prices. While the beauty of Tehran attracts you to discover its glorious existence, being a tourist in a foreign country is certainly difficult.

This is the reason why you need to plan every aspect of the trip, including where to stay, eat, and above all, which locations to discover. Connect with the best travel agent you know and make a thorough plan for the entire tour. Even if you are not a person with amazing organizational skills, these travel agents are experts at managing it all for you.

How to find affordable restaurants in Tehran?

Looking for the most affordable yet quality restaurants in Tehran is very simple. You can contact your travel agent for the same, and they can provide every detail available to you with ease.

However, if you want to look for alternatives and put your researcher’s hat on, there are many websites today that can help you with the same. All you have to do is log in at one of them, search for the location you want to find, and check out the different restaurants that the result shows.

You can even narrow down the list with a selected set of the filter according to your requirement. Depending upon the area and category of the restaurant, you can visit the websites of the restaurants. Alternatively, you can even read the reviews and ratings of the restaurants to understand their quality.

It is always the best idea to decide based on the experience of real-time people. Rely on this actual feedback before choosing rather than relying on the restaurant owners’ descriptions and claims.

Here is a filter that you can try to sort out the best restaurants suiting your choice. Check out the eateries with:

  • Highest ratings
  • Number of reviews
  • Recently added
  • Distance (depending on the location you wish to stay)

Why opt for the affordable restaurants in Tehran?

Most of the time, the hotels you stay in have “below the table” deals with many restaurants and tourism networks. This is when not many business owners will give you the exact estimate of the prices in the name of being affordable. And hence, you must research well before opting to dine in a restaurant during your stay in Tehran.

The best way to do the same is to gather sufficient information about the restaurant in reviews and ratings, and choose the right one after considering various restaurants. This will also help you understand the difference between the prices and quality.

Tehran is a beautiful location, and the cuisines and delicacies of the country are amazing. So, to keep on budget and make the most of your traveling experience to the country, you need to find the most affordable yet quality restaurants before commencing with the trip. Be prepared and have a fabulous vacation. Good Luck!

Discovering Zambia in a Lavish Safari Tour

Discovering Zambia in a Lavish Safari Tour

Zambia is a country of sheer grandeur, a land of astounding wonders and heart-pounding Safari ventures. With the angelic Victoria Falls to the wild and bold Zambezi River and sparkling golden beaches and breathtaking lakes, Zambia is an abundance of unique wilderness and wild habitat that has an amiably social environment.

The country is, without a doubt, the lifeline of the African tourism industry. So, there is no denying the fact that packing your bags to this exotic destination will be a vacation you do not want to miss. The country is here to welcome everyone with open arms and has a striking ting of vibrance loved by everyone who visits here.

You have every way of celebrating the jubilance of life the country has and delve into its wine and dine richness. However, one of the biggest luxuries that Zambia offers to its tourists is the amazing Safari Tour. With a wide assortment of adventures to attract tourists, the country is rightfully the heart of Africa’s tourism. Here are some of the options available for the same.

Walking Safari

The walking safaris of Zambia are not like the regular safaris with long and exhausting walks through the day in search of the handful of the wildlife’s opulent glances. The country is full of such wildlife working in synchronization with the regular life of humans. It is an enthralling experience to watch these amazing creatures every day at every nook and corner of the country.

The very imagination of setting into the thick wilderness into your jeep with the sound of crumbling leaves by huge paws nearby is an experience that nobody wants to miss. The land of natural charisma has so much to offer, and no adventurous traveler wants to miss it.

Birding Safari

Zambia is popular for the lapping of the magical Victoria Falls and has the highest rate of bird species concentration. It is also the home of the most fascinating and enchanting birds that possess the most attractive physical features.

Some of the rare species of birds with exceptional strokes of colors on their feathers will welcome you while deciding to go canoeing along the Zambezi River. You can also head on to the Lochinvar National Park to experience the most enchanting bird-watching Safari of Zambia. With 428 known birds flying freely in the country’s sky, you will witness a different species every other moment.

Elephant Back Safari

If you want a little more adventure while in Zambia, the elephant back safari welcomes you with all its will. These tours will take you through the dense forests and thick bushes guided on the elephant backs. You can experience these tours at the time of your convenience, either in the early morning or in the afternoon.

Photographic Safaris

If you are passionate about nature photography, then Zambia is no better place to materialize your fantasies. The richness of the wildlife here boasts of being one of the most enthralling experiences in the entire world. Countless pictures in the perfect photogenic poses are a dream that everyone loves to realize. So, without further ado, visit Zambia right away!

City Of Contrasts

City Of Contrasts

Nicknamed ‘the wonderful city’ Rio de Janeiro is a perfect exotic getaway filled with different activities, and sites. This southeastern Brazilian city consists of a complicated urban life dedicated to celebration and happiness. To the new traveler, it offers a bounty of experiences linked to breathtaking sights and thrilling activities. The lush beaches and quiet countryside of this city have never looked better. There is something for everyone in this city of contrasts.

Authentic Samba

Rio culture and festivals feature Samba, the theme song of this vibrant city. The beats of samba course through the street as far as the ear can hear. This rhythm seems to give everyone (including you) a bounce in their step. You can pop by one of the many samba schools to watch enchanting dancers make samba footwork look effortless. For a real indulgence in this music, head over to Pedra does Sal on a Monday evening. You will find a gathering of live samba bands for Roda de samba (an impromptu samba jamming session). Enjoy the authentic music while you sip a cold beer.

Christ The Redeemer

You know it is a great travel spot if you have the opportunity to see at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cristo Redentor or Christ The Redeemer is an iconic statue situated atop the 2,316-ft. High Corcovado. Its position makes it look as if it is watching over the glorious city. This grand monument is the symbol of Brazil and a must-see for anyone visiting the city. The journey to Christ’s feet is a thrilling one by itself. You will go through the charming streets of Cosme Velho neighbourhood before passing the beautiful tropical Parque National da Tijuca. At the top, you will find a rewarding panorama view of the city.


Rio proudly holds the title as the largest carnival celebration in Brazil. Between February and March, party fever is high in the streets of Rio as the largest street party comes to life. Carnival is the biggest festival in the world painted with colorful costumes, catchy music, and dancing. The unifying beat of steels drums spreads everywhere as locals come forward to celebrate, eat, drink, and dance.

Experience a parade, unlike any other at The Sambódromo where spectacular floats take the stage. Rio stops during this week to host daily street parties. Each day presents more drinking, more dancing and more fun than the last. Bright costumes in different themes is a fun way to get a real indulgence of the festival. Vendors are in plenty, so you are never without a drink.

Finally, in the true spirit of Carnival, experience a glittery and outrageous Carnival Ball. Carnival Balls are held in different locations throughout the city so you can hit more than one if you want to. This is the epitome of carnival nightlife; the music is never-ending, and the drinks are in plenty. Entertainment leans into international genres giving Carnival a refreshing layer. Dress up in masks, glitzy, and outrageous outfits to experience this festival authentically.

Crystal Water Archipelago

Crystal Water Archipelago

When thinking of a tourist destination, you have without a doubt dreamed of picturesque islands with soft sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters, all accompanied by cool crisp air that can only come from relaxing in front of the calming waves of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar, the name alone evokes images of a calming tropical paradise worth your time.

The Zanzibar Archipelago is one of the best tourist destinations for people who love sand, sun, and swimming. The island offers smells, sights, tastes, and experiences that will relax and feed your soul; while at the same time offer you the much-needed rejuvenation of creativity, and passion. It is the ideal place to get away from busy city life, and it has a lot more to offer than you think.

The Blissful Beaches

Situated on the Swahili Coast, Zanzibar is home to some of the most blissful beaches in the world. The balmy weather, paired with warm tropical waters creates the ultimate tropical paradise. The archipelago is known for clear waters, rich marine diversity, and abundance in thriving coral reefs making it a perfect underwater destination. You expect to enjoy snorkelling, diving, swimming, windsurfing, kite-boarding water-skiing, and even island hopping. The calming sound of gentle waves and cool breeze make the perfect conditions for sunbathing on the beach on a lazy day.

One of the best things about Zanzibar is that you can escape the crowds to do your own thing. The neighbouring islands of Pemba, Mafia, Chumbe, and Mnemba are the perfect places to get away and enjoy stretches of beach to yourself. There are over 50 islands in this archipelago, each with many charming lodging places to choose from. You can rent a scooter to explore the coastline at your own pace or go on tailor-made adventures to the lesser-known corners of the islands.

The Culture, and Architecture

Zanzibar has a colourful history and rich heritage thanks to strong Arabic, Indian, African, Persian, and European influences. The unique history of the town will add a vibrant dimension to the island. One of the most famous historic hubs is Stone Town’s old quarter, where you can explore a captivating mix of diverse architecture represented in mosques, and houses.

It is here that you will also find old mansions and houses such as the old Turkish Baths, and the House of Wonders. Finally, be sure to visit the lively bazaars, market stalls, and shops where you will interact with the locals and experience Taraab music; a blend of classical Swahili poetry, percussion, and rhythm infused with a myriad of influences from the Middle East, Africa, India, and the West.

The Exotic Spices

A trip to Zanzibar is not complete without the unique scents of spice farms and processing plants to fulfil your aroma aesthetic needs. Zanzibar is popularly known as the spice island. It is where most farming and processing of aromatic spices such as cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass, and black pepper takes place. Anticipate visiting plantations to learn about the history of these crops and their medicinal and culinary uses.


Dancing With the Mississippi

Dancing With the Mississippi

There are probably a thousand reasons why you should hop on a plane and head floating down the Mississippi River. Perhaps the most compelling reason is the vibrant and eccentric city of New Orleans. Filled with friendly people, lively music, and divine delicacies, New Orleans is the city where anyone can find something to enjoy. In this city, adventures are constantly underway, and you will always find jazz music on every corner you turn.

The French founded this city, then spent a few years under Spanish rule before the French took over again just before the Louisiana Purchase. You will notice that the French law played a big part in how the streets are named. Moreover, the city has a blend of influences, including African, Caribbean, Irish, German, and Sicilian. This combination of forces led to development over the years, represented in cuisine, art, festivals, beliefs, and of course, music.

The Haven of Live Music

Whatever genre you prefer, New Orleans is always serving up a variety of live music shows at day and night. Known as the birthplace of Jazz, the streets of New Orleans are crawling with talented musicians who fill the air with musical tunes. The ambiance of this city is unlike any other, as you will always hear catchy and vibrant music everywhere you go. It is a go-to destination for music lovers and people who love to dance. Best of all, the locals are always dancing and will encourage you to join them in this engaging experience.

Moreover, annually, during the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May, you can experience the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The festival hosts thousands of local bands, artists, cultural displays and performances as well as a slew of international headliners in a vibrant, friendly, mostly outdoor atmosphere.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Expect nothing but spicy food when you try any of the New Orleans signature dishes. The springtime comes with the abundant blessing of crawfish boils in restaurants, street places, and residences. Who makes the best? It is hard to tell because you will rarely find bad crawfish in this city. Learn for the locals how to accurately ‘pinch the tails and suck the heads’; you will be rewarded with a mouthful of spicy flavor.

The Greatest Free Show on Earth

Your trip to New Orleans would not end without experiencing the famous Mardi Gras festival. This city-wide celebration is unlike no other and runs for two weeks. The celebrations include almost daily parades where you are free to wear colorful costumes. Entertainment and festivities increase the intensity of the festival, as onlookers crowd balconies and sidewalks to catch strings of beaded necklaces tossed from the outrageously decorated floats. Best of all, you can drink as much as is humanly possible thanks to the beauty of a legal drink ‘to-go.’ Also, be prepared to experience real southern hospitality from the locals. The residents of New Orleans share good-natured humor, eccentricities, and a fondness for all of the attractions above. Best of all, they have a sense of pride that is infectious and memorable.

The Ultimate Arabian Night

The Ultimate Arabian Night

Dubai is one of the few cities in the Middle East that is very welcoming n to tourists. As such, you should take advantage of this and experience an ultimate Arabian night in one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Situated in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is one of the seven municipalities of the United Arab Emirates. It has stood out thanks to its continually expanding economy and architectural marvels. This dazzling cosmopolitan center is one of the most advanced and luxurious cities in the world, from stunning views to thrilling activities. Dubai has a little something for everyone.

Shop till You Drop

If you love to shop, then be sure to go shopping in Dubai, where it is tax-free, offering a lot of rewards. It is here that you will find both global brands and unique finds all within the city. Be sure to experience the Souks (which means market in Arabic) where you will find fabrics, spices, herbs, and unbeatable deals in fine-crafted jewelry.

For a more modern shopping experience, Dubai offers the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall. It houses unbelievable sites such as a towering aquarium, ice rink, indoor fountain, and indoor amusement center.

Finally, if you time your trip just right, you can experience one of the three major shopping events in Dubai. In January, the Dubai Shopping Festival offers vast discounts and unbeatable bargains on items. With every summer comes the Dubai Summer Surprises festival that provides drop-down rates to all purchases. Finally, the GITEX festival is a technology-themed exposition held every October. It offers package deals and gadgets at a bargain price.

Entertainment and Adventure

For you thrill-seekers out there, Dubai promises at least one item off your bucket list. You can go skydiving the Skydive Dubai team. You will feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you dive amidst the grandeur of the Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina views.

Next, you can explore the vast dunes and enjoy an aerial view of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve with a once in a lifetime hot air balloon ride. This breathtaking balloon ride introduces you to peaceful moments as you gave upon the natural wonder that is the Dubai Desert.

Land on Dubai Desert Safari and book an unforgettable moment in the desert. You can enjoy several activities, including majestic camel rides at sunset, dune bashing, and sand boarding. Indulge in local activities such as henna tattoos, belly dancing, barbecue, and shisha.

Amazing Architecture

There are a lot of skyscrapers in Dubai; the Marina alone is home to 4 of the five tallest buildings in the world. Currently, it is home to 911 completed high-rises with 88 being taller than 180 meters and 18 rising to 300 meters or more. It is only in Dubai that you will experience the most breathtaking skyline from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. If heights are not your thing, Dubai offers you the Palm Island. It is the world’s largest human-made island that is a part architectural marvel, part tourist attraction, but all-round breathtaking sight. My web designer at 90 Degree Media told me about this place and said it was amazing.

Visiting London – Every Traveler’s Bucket-List Delight

Visiting London – Every Traveler’s Bucket-List Delight

Apart from its rich, sophisticated culture and its deep-rooted heritage sites, London is a spot where you can find the best of both worlds in terms of authentic and urban lifestyle. Finding its origin in 1826, London is the eleventh largest metropolitan of the world situated at the bank of Thames River. It has left an impression on each traveler’s mind with its yearly music fest, beautiful displays, and incredible culture. Perhaps, the best reason to visit London is that there are unlimited sites of attractions where you can appreciate a few outdoor activities with ease. The capital of England is viewed as probably the best city on the planet, and there’s a bounty of sites and activities to engage in throughout the entire year that ranges from visiting the Big Ben, Tower Of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Hyde Park, and so on.

Here are some of the most stunning spots you should visit while you are in London.

Buckingham Palace

The Royal residence, Buckingham Palace, is the administrative hub of the United Kingdom situated in Westminster. Buckingham Palace is a significant royal residence as it fills in as the most notable spot for all national events and occasions. It experienced considerable remodeling and renovation during the nineteenth century and was first acquired by King George III in 1761.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a Gothic Abbey Church situated toward the west of the Westminster Palace. This congregation is one of the most special holy places of the United Kingdom, where the coronation of every British Monarch takes place since 1066. It was built around the fifteenth century and was one of its kind until 1540. Then, it was given the status of a cathedral in 1556. An overall of 16 illustrious royal weddings and around 3,300 burials have been held here. Westminster Abbey has also been nicknamed as Britain’s Valhalla after the burial hall of Norse Mythology.

The British Museum

The British Museum is situated in the Bloomsbury territory of London. It is an open organization that speaks about the rich human history and is known for being the museum of vibrant art and culture. The museum is said to hold a perpetual of 8 million assortments from different parts of the world with a wide range consisting of the British Empire. Works of art situated here incorporate human culture along with documents about human civilization from the earliest days. It is the first-ever public museum of the world built up in 1753 and opened to the general public in 1759.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is Her Majesty, the Queen’s Royal Palace, and is located at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Established in 1066 as a  part of the Norman Conquest of England, the tower was built by William the Conqueror in 1078 to honor oppression and mistreatment that the new ruling elite class faced in London. From 1100 until 1952, the tower was utilized as a prison, but now it has been changed over into a royal residence.

These are, however, a few of the highlights that make London, a vibrant cultural tourist attraction. To delve deep into the charm of the city and its surroundings, you will have to make plans and visit here in person. We are sure you will love every bit of it.